15 Lifestyle Choices to Reverse the Impact of Sugars/Sweeteners on Your Body

  1. Choose unrefined, clean whole foods (veggies, fruits, lean proteins).
  2. Break the habit of needing foods to be sweetened.
  3. Anchor your diet with vegetables and more vegetables. Build up fiber tolerance.
  4. Enjoy healthy complex carbohydrates in your diet based on your body’s unique tolerance.
  5. Hydrate. Break the habit of self-medicating with alcohol or caffeine. What do you really want in your life that these are substituting for?
  6. Eat healthy fats liberally but emphasize whole foods and unrefined olive oil.
  7. Eliminate food sensitivities. Start with gluten and dairy.
  8. Eat enough protein. At least 15 grams in your breakfast.
  9. Slow Down and Savor your food. Practice good eating hygiene.
  10. Allow greater utilization of stored energy and fats. No food for a full 3 hrs before you go to bed. Fast at least 12 hours overnight; more as you can tolerate.
  11. Jumpstart the metabolic shift. Take supplements consistently as needed to improve insulin sensitivity, heal intestinal permeability, support the microbiome, and increase antioxidant function.
  12. Move. At least 3 days/wk, do something you enjoy for 30-60 min. that gets your heart rate up and build muscle. Walk more. Use your body for basic living.
  13. Rejuvenate. Prioritize sleeping 7-8 hours/night. Practice mindfulness in some way daily that gives you peace and increases your gratitude/joy. Promote parasympathetic nervous system activity.
  14. Support. Surround yourself with people who honor your self-care choices and priority.
  15. Take care of your gut, liver and your gallbladder. Consider periodic cleanses. Ensure good bile function. Avoid routine or over/use of antibiotics. Consider prebiotics, probiotics, cultured foods. Check Vitamin D.

If you find you are doing great in some areas yet just can’t quite get over the hump, or your blood glucose or fasting insulin is still elevated, let’s connect. Drop me a line @ ewcassano@gmail.com and let’s schedule a time to talk.

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