“Sweet” Reads on Sugar

When preparing to lead my fall Sugar Detox Challenge, I was reminded of just how much information is swarming out there on any subject matter known to man. Plus more. It seems so easy these days to simply ask our friend, Google, to tell us more about whatever it is we want to know.

In this case, we are talking about sugar. Sugar! It’s not so nice, is it? Problems with blood sugar kill nearly four million people a year.  Sugar requires more of a “sweet” read from a trusted expert is more than likely a better alternative than a quick ask of a friend who knows a little about a lot.

If you want to dive deeper into some really interesting facts and the impact of sugar in our lives and history, these are a few great reads I recommend! I will share this: “The Case Against Sugar” shined a light on the sugar industry for me. It’s likely the book that completely transformed my understanding of the trickery, politics, marketing and lobbying that goes on in America. In large part, every business, including the federal government, are only concerned with the bottom line, not the health of Americans. Yet we have been tricked into believe that these same sources have our hearts and kids in their best interest. Nope.

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