Living in a Chemical Soup

“I don’t have time for a detox!”
“I’m too good for a detox.”
“I don’t have an ailment, why should I cleanse?”
“I eat vegan, paleo, keto, pagen; I don’t need to detox!”

Or perhaps you simply think of a detox as a starvation, juice diet. And that’s not right for you. Clearly, I get this one!

You know, most of that noise is just fearful, excuse-like, jibberish chatter you speak to yourself? Or others. It’s time to let that shit geaux.

Again, detox is not just about foods and starvation. It’s about optimizing YOUR health and well being.

The ca-ca discussed in the linked article Living in a Chemical Soup IS SO REAL. We’ve got to accept that we are living during the era of Chemical Soup Warfare. It’s happening right now. In my lifetime. And YOURS, too. And there’s no denying it.

I stumbled upon this article during my morning studies. Compiled by my instructor as an ad on for this week’s course materials, it is perfect timing for my Fall Detox group, but such an eye opener, I simply had to give all of you something to think about.

The article contains such real life scenarios of just how you are taxing your body as well as taps into where all the toxins that invade your body come from, it will definitely get you thinking.

Give Living in a Chemical Soup a quick read. Let me know what you think, post here in the blog or in the social media comments, and include your TOP 5 changes you will implement to de-toxify YOUR LIFE!


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