“E, I thoroughly enjoyed your challenge! I did all the meal prep on Sunday which was ahmazing during the week- I didn’t have to think about what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner! What I found most interesting was I have NO cravings! I seriously didn’t want a candy bar all day, which is NOT the norm for me! I was full from breakfast smoothly all the way to lunch. Which is also NOT the norm for me. The food I was eating was obviously fulfilling what my body needed! I loved waking up drinking lemon water! It kicked me into gear! I cannot say enough about how awesome the past week was even in the midst of it being my busiest week of the year! Thank you for sharing and for following your dreams and desires! I’m on a mission to get me and my family on a healthy train that fits us. I just think we are onto something! I look forward to participating in your next few challenges! Next time I will journal- that is something I failed at.”
~ Jennifer, May 2018

“Thank you very much!  I am so excited to get more of your recipes!!  Really the best part was how easy and fast the meals were!  I loved the shopping list! It was perfect so I had everything at home ready to make!  The smoothies were great for fast on the go mornings and they filled me up and lasted! I don’t get that with other smoothies!  I also learned that I don’t have to eat so much at one sitting!  Small meals work better for me, prevents the heartburn and indigestion!  After the first 3 days I felt much better even though I am fighting sinus infections!  I’m hopping with more clean eating and discovery that it might get better as well! I was going to text you about your thoughts on that as well as some other stuff like hair loss, nails splitting and dry skin!  But I’ll wait for my one on one! I’m so excited!
Your delivery was perfect, email and FB! Everyone could reply when they had time!  I can’t say enough how simple everything was! The recipes were not complicated as I am no cook!
Thank you for everything!”
~ Olivia, May 2018

“Loved the program and the recipes!!!  Thanks for giving me a kickstart!  I look forward to another program in the future!”
~ Karla, May 2018

“I have been a workaholic for the past 3-4 years. After my last primary care visit, all the work and lack of “me” time finally reared it’s ugly head. I have never had bad results at a doctor visit until this year!!! I had unintentional weight loss, poor cholesterol numbers and a tremor that just weren’t right for a 30-something. Rather than choose a pill, I opted to get a second opinion with Elizabeth. While she may not be a “traditional” route for healthy living, my phone conversation with her left me with two pages of notes and an alternative path to change my results.  It was nice because I felt like she dug a little deeper than the results given to me on paper. (Which you should also have handy when you talk to her) She can help you see that sometimes it is more than just numbers. She helps you figure out how to take care of the entire YOU. It’s been about three weeks since we spoke. While I haven’t been perfect with my eating and exercise, I have definitely noticed a change in how I feel. She helped start me on a path to more energy, a clear mind and satisfied stomach. My tremor has calmed down. I am actually excited for my next doctor’s appointment!”
~ A. Taylor, April 2018

“Elizabeth offers suggestions and tweaks to my health regimen that support my personal goals. I go to her for input on new food options and recipes I’d never consider on my own as she’s done a lot of food research and experimentation in the kitchen to apply to her coaching. She’s a constant source of encouragement as well. She helps me think outside of my own box!”
~ J. Alwell, March 2018