Discovering Innerconnected-ness through True Self Care

I’ve come along way and am still in beta mode understanding that Self Care is more than blazing trails, whether dirt, paved or in the air. While blazing trails of all kinds is how I thrive and with running (the true physical movement) being my outlet of all sorts for over 30 years, nearly five years ago I began blazing an innerconnected-ness deep dive trail like no other.

I needed to dive in. Inside myself. Not so much into my brain. But my body. To truly start understanding.

Innerconnected-ness Self Care and Cupping as a Modality for Detox
CUPPING to release toxins. YAAASSS!  A huge part of my Self Care is combining natural healing and recovery modalities with conventional tools and expertise. So you can imagine, I was super excited for my first and second visits to a worldly guru and practitioner of Oriental Medicine. He’s also an incredible acupuncturist, inventor and developer of many natural remedies for issues related to joint pain, ebv, hormones, headaches, thyroid, etc…His total package of knowledge, expertise and peaceful manner make him one heck of a guy!

My deepest struggle was this: to accept this dive, and the finds along the way, as my greatest challenge ever! Not so much because I was sick, ill or the likes, rather I was tired of being the smoke n mirrors, hearing “your fine”, as if these “nags” were just in my head.

Self Care, e, time to take your health by the horns. Living healthy to me doesn’t mean simply surviving without disease, it means thriving during my temporary assignment here on planet Earth.

Time to dig.

e, you have worked hard and smart for every single experience you live(d) and tangible possession you have in your life. You are a kick ass female entrepreneur with a proven track record. You have endured athletic challenges beyond your body’s design. You’ve had a few surgeries that have set you back but you’ve never let them keep you down. You adopted an autoimmune challenge (these don’t just show up). You even waited 30 years for the “right guy” to come along (lucky girl I am). You gave birth to an incredible baby boy (this was liking hitting the jackpot). You have an amazing family you love deeply. You’ve made new friends, while losing or losing touch with others. And along the way, you had/will continue to have struggles and stressors to overcome while experiencing the many blessings and joy the you live every. single. day.

Okay, enough said. I accepted the challenge to dive deep.

You see, while each of these experiences have been incredible, they all came with wear and tear of the body. Physical and psychological. All stressors, none the less.

For an innerconnected being with dynamic feelings, living, breathing organs, and a non-negotiable requirement for nourishment (much more than the food on the dinner plate), there can be inner consequences that require surrender.

I surrendered all. It’s been one heck of a journey, somewhat painful (mentally and physically), but I endure.

When you learn to appreciate the innerconnected-ness of your mind, body and gut, you experience some real ah-ha moments. This isn’t woo-woo. Innerconnected-ness is the real deal. (I am learning so much about this and am super stoked to start my first semester of Applied Functional Medicine training in September. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!)

Have you ever felt a “gotta run” to the bathroom experience before a big moment, such as just before a big speech, the start of an athletic event, or waiting to speak to your boss?

Think about it. Your mind is nervous. Palms are sweaty. You think “holy shit” (no pun intended), I’ve got to go – to the toilet that is!

Case in point. Your mind and gut are connected! Shit doesn’t just happen. Stress and your gut are connected. Your thyroid and your gut are connected. Your thyroid is connected to your pulse. Your metabolism is connected to your brain. You and I, we are gigantic rubber bands with the good fortune of bends, stretches, and the flexibility to adapt that keeps us going. Except when we pop.

During this journey, I’ve learned the importance of making time for true Self Care. Stepping outside of my comfort zone in order to find the root cause, heal and grow. Discovering that my thrive zone can also be my danger zone. I am uncovering new hobbies and finding new passions. I am being a forever student. I am being an inventor of my new inner self that also transforms my outerself. I am learning that I am important to me, to my family and my communities. I am responsible for the vitality of my own body and my time here on planet Earth. Without Self Care I am nothing to everyone, including myself.

Sometimes it requires taking a step back and giving up what you think moves you (not your neighbor or BFF) while you find what moves you in a more dynamic direction – the innerconnected-ness of your mind, body, and gut. I am learning to be more fluid with the cycles of life. Learning that what energized and rewarded me yesterday or the day before or five and ten years ago, is not what my body needs to thrive today or tomorrow. Accepting this may not come easy for some of us.

I encourage you to do some self discovery and true Self Care. Tune in. Be patient. Be fearless. Be kind to yourself. Let it come. But be persistent and ruthless. Self Care is the greatest care you will ever receive.

I’ll leave you with this. One of the last conversations before my precious friend climbed her stairway to Heaven included this: “e, we must all learn to be better at receiving!”

Cheers to that,

P.S. If you, like me, need a Health Coach to guide you and be your cheerleader on your discovery of innerconnected-ness and Self Care, feel free to check out my One on One Coaching Sessions. I’d love to connect.

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