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Hey, there!

It’s been a while, I know. I hope you’ve had an amazing, and fun summer, making memories to cherish for a lifetime with family and friends.

Just a quick note on “why this post”:

Since I got into the functional medicine/wellness space for health coaches, clients, friends, acquaintances, and longtime contacts have continuously reached out encouraging me to “share more healthy stuff,” offer more programs, and share more of what Functional Medicine is about and it’s role in my wellness coaching practice.

I felt the calling so I put wheels into motion this summer to do just that: share, educate and empower. I’ve coined my project: rejuvenate 318 (and beyond)!

I’ve lived in the 318 area code most of my life. My first 18 years of life, growing up in the heart of Cajun Country, when Louisiana had only 2 area codes, to the past 18 years to present, I’ve called the 318 area code HOME. As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is,” so I want to continue giving back to the people and area I love, live, work, play, pray and pay taxes (haha). 

Honestly, seeing the transformations my clients have made by setting and taking control of their own health goals is my motivation to move forward. It’s an honor to support these amazing individuals on their health and wellness journeys. While I can only reach so many through my one on one programs, I want to make an impact on 1000s.

So…I AM going to “be social” with my practice, integrating in-person and virtual informational and educational opportunities for anyone interested in learning more about taking charge and being accountable for their own health and wellness. Think well care vs sick care. Think prevention. Think self-care. Think about small tweaks that can make a BIG impact. You can transform your life! I know. Because I did!

I’ll also be starting the next phase of my functional medicine training for health coaches in mid-September and am confident now’s the perfect time to expand my one on one virtual coaching practice, too.

Deciding on what educational topic to cover first was tough. I wanted broad but inclusive. I thought, what is it that 99.9% of us all struggle with? Yep, CONSUMING TOO MUCH SUGAR. Just about everyone I know craves or consumes too much sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. In some shape or form, SUGAR is hiding in everything!  

So a Sugar Detox Challenge it is!

Jump on the wagon. This is an excellent opportunity to establish a routine to get your body back on track or simply the jump start you need to get your body feeling and moving in a healthy way.

Stop and think…

Are your sugar cravings spiraling out of control? Consuming parts of your day or night? Are you feeling “blah,” tired, always hungry, maybe bloated or experiencing random skin or gut issues? Sugar could be to blame! It’s in just about everything processed, in a box or can.

Not only will sugary eating habits make you feel and look less than 100%, but all that sugar can lead to inflammation, weight struggles, heart disease, even diabetes as well as chronic aches and pains.

Your health is important to me, and your loved ones. And it should be important to you, too. That’s why I’ve put together this Sugar Detox Challenge. I know how crucial it is to quit while you’re ahead. Kicking my sugar cravings truly changed my life. 

318 this is for you! Please join me. Take the first step toward prevention and a healthier tomorrow, sign up now at

Feel free to share this guided yet complimentary challenge with your friends and family. The less sugar we consume in 318 (and beyond), the healthier our communities, neighbors, family, and friends will be!


Elizabeth “e” Cassano
Functional Wellness Coach
Certified Holistic Health Coach

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