Are you waking up every morning with a feel good, excited to be alive attitude every day?  If your answer is yes, keep rocking! If your answer is no, stop. Grab a pen/cil and write down the top 3 things that you feel are holding you back?

Be honest with yourself.

Then, write down the top 3 actions you will take for each one to reverse the situation.

Perhaps, you’ve listed something similar to:

  • Morning sluggishness, low energy, afternoon crashes or you’ve got night owl syndrome?
  • Hair falling out or receding and you just can’t figure out why?
  • Stressed to the max? Mental/Emotional or Psychological? Nope, the body doesn’t discriminate against the type. Just duration.
  • Always cold even in a Louisiana summer? I’ve been there, too!
  • Hormones raging? Or perhaps hormones are lacking? Um, yes, I’ve visited here, too.
  • Like the crop soil, are you depleted of essential nutrients that we just don’t get in our fresh much less processed foods anymore? And you’ve yet to determine its the lack of nutrients causing your challenge?
  • Prescription meds are taxing your liver/kidneys and depleting your body of necessary nutrients? And you don’t even know it?!
  • Perhaps you’re living with chronic constipation, bloating or headaches? Maybe, it’s just the opposite, you’ve got loose stools on the daily. I’ve got photos of looking 6 months prego, when in reality I only weighed 125 lbs.
  • Or you’ve got autoimmune challenges that keep flaring or ones you just can’t seem to get under control? You feel as if you’ve “tried everything!”
  • One I hear often is the “weight around the midsection,” “beer belly” or “thunder thighs” you feel is holding you back. And it very well may be. However, until you go on a discovery tour to determine and tend to the root cause of your chronic challenges – the weight will linger.

No exercise will erase an unhealthy diet nor eliminate the weight of a sluggish thyroid or imbalanced hormonal body. It’s time to consider the root cause.

Life’s “so busy” yet hopefully productive. Your body nor mine was created to live in a chemical soup, stressed to the max, trying to survive on nutrient-depleted or processed foods and still wake up every morning loving and enjoying life, your family, your job and your dog or cat.

Do you ever stop to think…hmmm, while this ache or that irritant or these challenges are routine for me, perhaps it’s not intended to be a “normal,” every day, life occurrence?

It may be time to push overwhelm aside and consider that you are connected from head to toe. Think whole body health. When you are ready, let’s chat.


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