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Hey there!

I’m Elizabeth.

My wellness practice evolved out of my deep-rooted passion for creating healthy opportunities for others, and my very own wellness journey.

Both continue to expand as I witness in determined clients the astounding ripple effect of living a sustainable *wellthy* lifestyle that they enjoy when basic functional (fx) wellness principles are incorporated into their everyday choices and ways of living.

Seeing clients achieve their wellness goals by learning to listen to their body for percolating clues of imbalance, and how to pivot in their diet, lifestyle and environment so powerful inner healing can occur – is truly one of my most rewarding professional experiences.

If you have questions about optimizing your wellness, feel free to reach out.

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Food as Information

Garbage in. Garbage out. It’s no joke. What you eat & drink, as well as what you don’t, impacts your overall wellbeing. No matter your age, gender, size, structure or status.

Fundamentals First

Without the basics in place the body will NOT ever function as you need. Your goals & lifestyle must be aligned. Here, you learn to Maximize, Minimize & Priortize.

Mobile or Zoom Sessions

Schedule your own sessions. Sold in packs of 3 or 6. The longer/deeper the struggle, the more sessions you may need. Finding & sustaining optimal *wellth* is a journey.

Experience the Magic when You Make the Connection Between the Foods You Eat and How Your Mind & Body Feel

“I’ve lost and kept off 11 pounds now! Fluid is staying down – not all the way gone but muuuch less. No more pain. Love ya and sticking with it!”

Christy R

“With Elizabeth’s guidance I became very much more aware of what I was eating, my body’s reaction, and the digestive processes that were taking place…I was able to better understand and take full ownership of what was going on with my body.”

Ned V Testimonial

Ned R

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