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Double Danger

Perfect timing for this article. See link below. Just yesterday I consulted with a client who has recently completed 22 rounds of radiation and is on 13 rounds of immunotherapy. She visits a world renowned cancer center near her home on the East Coast for treatment....

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Depression is Real

Depression is real. Can it be supported in ways other than these pills? I feel strongly the answer is yes! I'm sharing this read as a way to further educate and support with other options. If you feel you need help, reach out to me, a loved one, a co-worker, or even a...

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HSA or FSA Funds to Spend Before Year’s End?

Click on this same image (on right or bottom if on cell), create account, put your faves in the cart to get the price, order up - it's that simple to take advantage of you HSA or FSA! ?????????? ?????. ?????????. ? ????????. ???????? ?, ?, ?, ? or ?????????.Any of...

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Are You Happy Feeling Crappy?

Photo: A magical rainbow experienced during one of my amazing runs in Iceland! Your Time. (Energy. And Money.) You need tons more of each when you're simmering in that feeling of stuck or yuck VS when you're flourishing in the feeling of happy and well. What's keeping...

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Get Your Fruits and Veggies in Where You Can

Having a hard time getting your family (or yourself) to eat fruits and vegetables? This is a common problem amongst people despite the effort to incorporate healthy foods. Here are some great tips to help your family eat their fruits and vegetables: -Keep fruits and...

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AKA Sugar

SUGAR is everywhere. HIDDEN SUGARS are lurking in so many of today’s packaged and pre-made foods. Including those from local eateries and chain restaurants. Why is there so much sugar in so many foods? For sweetness to get you hooked so you consume more so the...

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