It was an honor to be asked by this guy, a guy I had never met, to serve him on his health journey! Here’s his message I woke up to:

“For the past three years I have been struggling with digestive/dietary issues. Constant throwing up, weight loss, and lack of energy had become the norm.  During this time I continued seeing my GI doctor pursuing relief via conventional medicine. I also sought nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian.  

Nothing worked until I connected with Elizabeth Cassano.  She immediately addressed my lack of nutrition, recommending some necessary vitamins and dietary supplements.  This first step was monumental in reversing my declining situation.

With Elizabeth’s guidance I became very much more aware of what I was eating, my body’s reaction to these foods, and the digestive processes that we’re taking place.  Probably most importantly, with Elizabeth’s counseling, I was better able to understand and take full ownership of what was going on with my body. This allows me to deal with it more effectively.  I am no longer throwing up, I have gained a few pounds and I have energy again.

Thank you, Elizabeth!“

~ Ned, December 2019

Absolutely! Wishing you continued success and health wins in the coming months. Keep making forward progress. ~e

Are you tired of the struggles? If you are in that place where Ned was and you are ready to take your health by the horns, I am here to support people just like you. I’d be honored to hear from you.

Please reach out. Don’t wait for the New year. The time to take back your life is NOW.

Yaaassss! A client sharing his WINS gets me so excited.