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Just yesterday I consulted with a client who has recently completed 22 rounds of radiation and is on 13 rounds of immunotherapy. She visits a world renowned cancer center near her home on the East Coast for treatment.

She was having a difficult time swallowing due to the radiation and now needs to gain weight and support her GI challenges. Her team there recommended she drink BOOST. I asked her if she was familiar with the ingredients of BOOST (see BOOST label in comments). When I verbalized the first four or five ingredients, “Are you familiar with the ingredients in BOOST: water, sugar, corn syrup, milk protein, vegetable oil, soy protein…?”

Boost Ingredients

We had just discussed inflammatory foods and the fact that cancer cells thrive on sugar.

I offered smart food suggestions and recommended some eliminations. Her concern, “Well, are there enough calories in that?”

Calorie RICH/Nutrient POOR and a crap ton of SUGAR are THE key drivers of OUR US health debacles. Think Nutrient RICH and NOT give a rats patootie on whether there are enough calories. Very few US citizens are deficient in calories. Our bodies need nutrients to wake up every day NOT empty calories and fake foods that are creating mayhem in mind and body.

Eat the rainbow *(no not skittles) is a real thing. Different colored foods offer different phytonutrients and minerals, and of course lean proteins and low glycemic carbs.

A big mac, double whopper or cheeseburger in paradise, and even a gourmet chicken dish may be a loaded calorie rich gun yet in no way are any of these *foods* offering the body the nutrients one needs to survive well, feel fantastic and ready to conquer their daily chores with gusto, much less thrive on the regular.

We are not just waking up one day to our health debacles. Rome was not built in a day. It’s time we become our best health advocate, stand up for what we know is right for our body, and take control of our fast paced on the go-go choices.

Choices have consequences, isn’t this what we teach our children?

Say yes to your best health and NO to refined, processed and all the crappy sugars. NOTICE I don’t mention easy or simple or quick. It’s requires a mindset shift, priorities and tuning into who’s in control of YOUR body.

Here’s the article. Great read: Sugar is a Double Danger