Food is only ONE of two things:

A. medicine (healthy) (good)
B. toxin (unhealthy) (bad)

100% food choices matter. Whoever is beating this guy up for stating facts needs further education on how the body responds to food. It’s a quick read, click the link below the image to learn more.

100% hands down agree with this CEO.
Seriously, there is no denying it. Science proves it.

So damn excited someone finally had big enough Kahunas to speak out against BIG $ on the #1 driver debilitating and killing Americans. Something as simple as FOOD.

If you are unsure of the connections between your FOOD CHOICES and your OVERALL HEALTH (intricacies of food additives, preservatives, faux ingredients, refinement, processing, sugar-laden, decomposition of soil, lack of nutrients, production method, how to read labels, preparation, contamination, herbicides, pesticides, you get the picture – most food is a disaster waiting to happen)including but not limited to and in no particular order:

1. depression
2. anxiety
3. autoimmune
4. GI
5. daily bowel movements
6. hormones
7. inflammation
8. type 2 diabetes
9. elevated blood pressure
10. high cholesterol
11. weak immune system
12. and yes, even some cancers
13. allergies/asthma
14. autism
15. fatigue/low energy
16. cravings
17. acne…
100. even the runny nose that happens when you eat

I’d love to share with you more about food’s role and impact on your overall health.

Understanding the body works as one can be hard to comprehend. But it’s so incredibly fascinating.

It’s ONE system, not individual silos. Gut, brain, hormones, insulin, glucose, energy, plus ALL the other STUFF – unless structural or congenital – it’s typically all related.

Find your 80/20, and start tweaking your food style and lifestyle. Food CAN change the world. And if all that matters is your world, that’s A-OK, cause as unique individuals that’s truly all we have control over.

Cheers to your *wellth* (wellness +health)!