Overworked and struggling to find “What’s healthy for my body?” I am happy to share this here since we aren’t hearing it anywhere else.

I recently came across the term PLUMP and DUMP.

The average weight gain resulting from lock down is already at 29 lbs. Wow! Consider the pre-existing statistics that report 50% or more of the US population is overweight or obese.

This is not casting judgment. These are simply facts.

It’s time we take ownership and action for our own unique health and vitality. Do we truly understand what it means to have “inflammation” in the body? Inflammation is far beyond a swollen knee!

Excess weight (further) drives up inflammation (and did you know this adipose tissue houses toxins?), making a compromised immune system struggle – even more. The things we can’t always see lurking in our bodies.

Then, there’s the one-two punch of certain injectables that dump a boat load of the unknown into an already inflamed system. I don’t know about you, but that scares the crap out of me.

Health starts with the basics: hydration (I’ve learned this means so much more than just water), minerals, stomach acid…

Let’s jump ahead for just a moment to stay with my current narrative.

Do you have lab work to support that your levels are optimal in the areas below which have had an influential role in health over the past year?

Magnesium. Vitmain D. Zinc. Copper. Insulin (implications are far beyond T1D or T2D). A1C (same as previous).

How’s your DIET, daily MOVEment & stress over the past 370ish days?

Items above are just a few of the basics you can monitor for optimal health. Everyday. Every year.

Let me share this before moving on: OPTIMAL/FUNCTIONAL lab work results and “everything looks fine” lab work results are two totally different perceptions of health.

Okay…so we know Vs have never been the solution to optimal health!

So now, what do you think will happen next with your own health?

What action(s) are you taking to OWN it? YOUR health, that is.

Are your immune and gut systems prepared?

Have you been enlightened over the last 12 months to the importance of prioritizing your health? What changes have you implemented?

Have you had lab work done, easily accessible and reviewed for optimal health?

Lab work results can shed light on areas that need attention or can be attributing to dis-ease BEFORE there is a diagnosable something or other.

What 3 SMART action steps are you taking in the 2nd quarter of 2021 to move the needle on getting your health back into optimal zone, where you know it should be and can be to thrive? I’d love to hear from you.

I will forever be “THE HEALTHY LIFE ARCHITECT,” so if you need help designing or regaining your optimal health plan and lifestyle, from the inside out and skin in, I’d love to hear from you!