Did you know these dynamics are reversible simply through lifestyle?! I’m sure you are aware that medications for these dysfunctions do not “fix” the problem, they serve more like duct tape or a band-aid. (Note: Once you start implementing new lifestyle habits, you can work with your practitioner to lower or eliminate your medications; do not stop taking them.) Functional medicine principles support root cause resolution and creating a healing environment so the body can repair itself.

Lifestyle choices impact the status of one’s overall health. Your health is your greatest wealth. Why not invest in YOU by implementing some of these 15 Lifestyle Recommendation Examples proven to Reverse Elevated Blood Pressure, High Blood Glucose, Excess Body Fat Around the Waist, Abnormal Cholesterol or Triglyceride Levels?

  1. Allow greater utilization of stored energy and fats. No food for a full 3 hours before you go to bed. Fast at least 8-12 hours overnight; build-up to this amount of time, more as you can tolerate.
  2. Eliminate food sensitivities. Gluten and dairy cause inflammation in the body. Think of those achy joints, extra weight, gas, and bloating.
  3. Jumpstart the metabolic shift. Balance deficiencies and insufficiencies of the body. Take supplements consistently as needed to improve insulin sensitivity, heal intestinal permeability, support the microbiome, and increase antioxidant function. Most supplements are not intended to be taken for a lifetime.
  4. Choose real whole foods, shop the perimeter of the grocery store.
  5. Break the habit of needing foods to be sweetened and reduce the consumption of white, fluffy stuff – all flour products.
  6. Anchor your diet with vegetables and more vegetables. Build up fiber tolerance. If your bowels don’t tolerate the fiber, dig further into the gut issue.
  7. Enjoy complex carbohydrates in your diet based on your body’s ability to burn carbs for fuel. Check blood glucose regularly.
  8. Hydrate. Break the habit of self-medicating with alcohol or caffeine. What do you really want in your life that these are substituting for?
  9. Eat natural fats liberally including whole foods and unrefined olive oil. 
  10. Eat enough protein. Jumpstart you day with 15 grams when you break your overnight fast, whatever time of day that may be.
  11. Slow Down and Savor your food. Practice good eating hygiene. 
  12. Move. At least 3 days per week, do something you enjoy for 30-60 minutes that gets your heart rate up and builds muscle. Walk more. Use your body for basic living. 
  13. Rejuvenate. Prioritize sleep, 7-8 hours each night of solid, sound sleep. Practice mindfulness in some way daily that gives you peace and increases your gratitude/joy. Promote parasympathetic nervous system activity.
  14. Support. Surround yourself with people who honor your self-care choices and priority.
  15. Take care of your gut, liver, and your gallbladder. Consider periodic cleanses. Ensure good bile function and flow. Avoid antibiotics. Use prebiotics, probiotics, cultured foods. Check Vitamin D.

    Pick a few to start with, then add in the others. Once you’ve had a few weeks to implement some of these recommendations, I’d love to get your feedback.

    Comments or Questions? Please reach out.