OMG! I just saw this hot cocoa supercharged with superfoods recipe in my colleague Kim’s FB group. With this cool weather and holiday season excitement, I’m so in the mood for a warm drink. I literally jumped right up from my recliner to make this this morning. Yep, from my recliner (shhh, don’t tell Big D!).

Stir. Sip. Enjoy.

I don’t do coffee, and love hot tea, yet I’m always searching for other tasty warm beverages to try. Especially this time of year. I’ve got fireplace, fuzzy blankets, falling snow, God, gift buying and family on my mind. Doesn’t get any better than this, right? I’m luv-in it!

This #MexicanHotCocoa from @deeprootsathome isn’t only delicious, it has the incredible benefits of numerous superfoods, too. AND it’s dairy and gluten free! For all the yummy benefits click here.

Super excited I had all ingredients on hand. Here’s what I used to make my yummy cocoa!

In a recent FB post I shared the benefits of tumeric, yep, that amazing spice is in this one, too. Plus coconut oil, maca powder, cacao, and more. Yumm-ieeee!

Delicious and healthy for the holiday season. I’ll toast to that!

Cheers to health, happiness and the holiday spirit!