Today’s PSA:

a b c *D…as in Vitamin D.

Did you know Vitamin D is really a hormone?

Regardless, mine was rock bottom in the midst of Spring through late Summer. Even when the sun is cooking. Goes to show, we cannot all totally rely on Mother Nature for this one.

If you know me, you know I spend many hours outdoors. I was deficient. Really deficient. It’s December. Brrr, it’s cold. And feeling like a winter wonderland or itD a rain rain go away kind of day(s). Days are shorter -> less sunshine. And even in the Deep South, some of us, myself included, may need to supplement with Vitamin D, as well as Vitamins J (joy) and L (laughter). 

1. Let the sunshine on your bare skin this time of year for 20 minutes – avoiding frostbite of course and abide any doc’s orders for sun exposure. If we are wearing sunscreen we don’t get the full benefit of Vitamin D offering – catch 22 for some. FIND BALANCE!

2. Indulge a bit more in Vitamin D rich foods. 

3. Before one starts on a Vitamin D supplement, its recommended to have D levels tested. 

4. One may need to increase levels of other vitamins/minerals to ensure absorption of this fat-soluble vitamin. 

5. It’s important to monitor Vitamin D levels, as our bodies do store what we don’t need of this one. This is an example of too much of a good thing is…not a good thing.

Any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Drop them in the comments or give me a shout out on social media at Elizabeth Cassano, Whole Body Health.