Chronic low energy really stinks, doesn’t it?

December is Energy and Mitochondria Month, a perfect time to think about your energy levels and what makes you GO or go slow!

Undoubtedly, when a client comes to me with a concern of LOW energy I start our conversation with questions first in order to start uncovering the true root cause of their challenge at hand.

Now, ask yourself each question below, and most importantly, write down your honest response:

??Is it all the time?

??Higher when you wake up? Or in the evening?

??Is it actually low energy? Or are you just sleepy?

??Whole body exhausted? Or just your arms and legs tired?

??Higher before or after a meal?

Aren’t there many possibilities to consider which can contribute to each question above?

Sure, getting older, chasing kids, or working all the time, even the holiday hustle and bustle – hmmmm, perhaps these may attribute, however I encourage you to go much, much deeper.

When I deep dive with a client who is struggling with low energy, we talk and I take into consideration…

Root Causes such as:

Adrenals zapped?
Thyroid sluggish?
Insulin resistance?
Toxic burden?
Oxidative stress?
Food sensitivities?
Low stomach acid?
Caffeine crashes throughout the day?
High glycemic food choices?
Poor quality, disrupted sleep or sleep apnea?
Insufficient nutrients?
Hypoglycemic episodes?
Low digestive enzymes?

Wowzer! Did you give your low energy level this much thought? Lots to consider, right? And I’m certain this isn’t an exhaustive list of possibilities either.

Once we think we have uncovered the root cause(s), together we devise a plan to increase or balance their energy. 

How do I help my clients?

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach one area of my formal training is in Cellular Metabolism and Energy Production. As a partner on my clients’ wellness journeys, I probe with deep rooted questions, sometimes suggesting conventional and/or functional testing, too, in search of uncovering the root cause(s) to the challenge(s) they have presented to me. My ultimate goal is to educate and support my clients during their transformation to better health. Together we devise a sustainable lifestyle plan to optimize their health and wellbeing.

Ready to get UNstuck?

If you are READY to get UNSTUCK or simply want to up level your health, I’d be appreciate and be honored to hear from you. Perhaps you will be intrigued with my whole body approach to sustainable health and wellness. We will have the chance to determine if our goals are in alignment and if we are excellent partners to embark upon this journey as a team.

How Does My Health and Wellness Programs Flow?

In a nutshell, here’s how my 3 (and 6) month Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coaching Programs flow (once we have deemed the partnership is a go):

Before we speak in detail, you complete and return initial paperwork. Then we schedule and complete a 90 minute discovery session. At this time, we also schedule out our next 5 sessions, meeting every other week (typically face to face via Zoom) for about 45-50 minutes.

During each session we discuss your recent wins, areas with more opportunity of improvement and the next steps for optimizing your wellness and achieving your health goals. I take notes, and recommend you do the same.

With your input, I customize a personalized approach for you to continue working toward stated goals. Within 24-36 hours, I send a session recap and follow on which includes our respective homework assignments to be complete before our next session. Of course there are more details to discuss. I’ll share all of the nitty gritty in our first discovery conversation.

Want to Learn More about how a Functional Medicine Health Coach can Support You?

Teaming up with the right fit in a Functional Medicine Health Coach is a unique and personalized approach to achieving your health and wellness goals. Want to learn more about my approach and how I incorporate applied functional medicine in to helping others achieve their health goals?

Please take the next step…Reach Out to Me! Email is best, Without a doubt, I’d love to connect and share my passion and purpose for helping others optimize their health and wellness.

Here’s to getting UNstuck and taking the next step into 2020 to be a better you!

Blessings for a happy and healthy holiday Season.